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Healthy, well made food! This defines our very existence. It was this love to serve people a well cooked meal that saw Shri S.N. Pasari set foot in the South. He used to live in Kanpur and was a foodie who appreciated a good meal. He heard that there were few North Indian joints in Bangalore and decided, on a whim, to set up an eatery there. En-route, he stopped by Coimbatore to meet someone. They convinced him about the paucity of such restaurants in the city. And so, a stopover became home on January 14, 1988, the harvest festival of Pongal, Mr. Pasari started Delhiwala Sweet Home in Ramnagar. They started with about 40 basic dishes. Slowly, people started lining up to smoke their lip-smacking delicacies. Few made wafer thin rotisserie like their cook did; the butter was always fresh, the ghee was desi and Mr. Pasari would sit in front of the kitchen to monitor quality. That’s a tradition his son, Ajay Kumar Pasari, who runs the eatery now, still continues.

Today, the eatery has a menu card that has over 200 dishes, and whenever he has free time, Ajay and his wife experiment with flavours and textures to come up with new dishes.  Some things, however, have never changed. From the beginning, the focus has always been on providing diners food that tastes like it was prepared at home, cooked with pure ingredients and served with love. And yes, that every customer must leave the eatery satiated, and with a smile on their face. Ajay and his family take care of that. The Late Mr. S.N. Pasari would approve.



31 Years in Coimbatore

Now In Bangalore

Authentic North Indian Food

Best Ingredients, Highest Quality, Low Price

"Food is the ingredient that binds us together"

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